Many Early Morning Wake Ups, Breakfast Service and more!

Hey Guys,

So let me give you a brief overview of the last 10 days! My class began our first service ever and it was breakfast!

When a class has service this means that we are serving customers in the dining room at the school. Each day started off with my alarm buzzing at 5:30a.m, in order for me to be ready in the kitchen by 6:30a.m. This in itself was extremely difficult. The way the service works is that the class is split up between four stations; dishes and waiting tables, fruit and take-out counter, baking, and the hot line.

My team started off on fruit and take-out which is not too stressful because everything can be prepared prior to the orders coming in. The next station we tried was service (dish pit, and waiting tables), since I had never been a waitress before, this tasks was mildly nerve-wracking. Sure enough, my first customers EVER were my parents, and one might think they would give me an easy time but this was not the case entirely. I took their orders with ease, but as I found out later, I apparently poured cold coffee and was not too polite. I tried harder to impress non-family members the rest of the day, which was mildly successful!

Once the service station ended, I made my way to the baking section. I believe most of you are aware of my feeling towards baking but there was no escaping the assignment. I made several doughs, breads, buns and mise-en-places during my long morning but somehow I made it through. The last station I was assigned to was the hot line, this was by far the most demanding of the four. This station is where all the hot food is prepared,  for a breakfast service included french toast, pancakes, eggs, home fries, and omelets. This was intense! As soon a customers entered the dining room the orders came flying in. I had a slight freak-out when I was running low on pancake batter and a group of 15 came in for their meal. The hot line was definitely in my top 10 of most stressful moments but somehow I made it through.

A Mighty Stack of Pancakes

Overall breakfast service was a challenge but definitely a good learning experience (I guess that’s why we’re at a culinary school and not in a full-fledged restaurant yet). I came home everyday totally wiped but feeling really good about my accomplishments. This service truly tested our character but I feeling energized from the experience, although physically exhausted.

Next week we start our simple menu service! Come by and have a delicious three course lunch for $10. I would love to cook for all of you!

A Simple Menu Pizza

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5 Responses to Many Early Morning Wake Ups, Breakfast Service and more!

  1. Daniel says:

    Can you make me that pizza????

  2. Jilly says:

    Way cool Chef Jordana!

    Those pancakes look delicious!!

    What’s for lunch????

  3. JC says:

    I had your pancakes! They were heavenly!

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