Happy New Year

Hello Readers,

Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday season and had a chance to relax and eat lots and lots of delicious food! I took it easy and now I am fully charged and ready for school to begin tomorrow, I cant wait to get working in the kitchen again. Up next I will be learning more about menu planning, food costing, as well as Table d’Hôtes and lots of desserts.

I cannot wait to learn desserts

In two weeks my class we be preparing a second lunch service. I am excited to see what they menu will be consisting of. I will post the full menu and hopefully some of you can come by and try a delicious three course meal.

My class is really improving, just before the break we catered a holiday luncheon for 350 people. The meal was an overwhelming success. We prepared cold cut and crudité platters, hot and cold appetizers, numerous meat and vegetarian main dishes, as well as some tasty desserts. We also got acquainted with all the difficulties that arise when transporting food from one location to another. From loading up a truck safely, to keeping food warm as well as making do with tight space we managed to prevail. The success was invigorating and gave us something to brag about during the holiday season.

A buffet spread almost as delicious as ours

Tomorrow will be a busy day of cleaning and reorganizing, but hopefully we get to learn a few new dishes I can post about. In the mean time, I would love to hear about any spectacular meals you have eaten while on holiday!

What have you eaten during holiday time?

It is great to be back to reality 🙂

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5 Responses to Happy New Year

  1. JC says:

    Amazing! Welcome back Jordana!

  2. Jilly says:

    Hi Jordana!

    Oh, I so missed ur posts! Can you tell us more about that big big lunch that you had to prepare?? That musta been hard!!

    In other news, I found some Jicama while I was on vaca in Florida! It’s so scrumdidlyumptious!



    • Hi Jill,

      Thanks for reading. Our lunch was quite a challenge to prepare. The class had never produced food in such quantities before in addition to the large variety of dishes. we used different types of equipment than normal such as a tilt skillet, and massive steams kettles. These tools are used to mass production of food and ease the process quite substantially. I was able to make a chicken cacciatore dish for 350 in the same time period as one serving would have taken! I really enjoyed the experience.

      I am so glad you found your jicama, what kind of dish did you make with it?


  3. Jilly says:

    Hi Jordana!

    I made a Jicama Slaw (Thanks to Bobby Flay…he’s just sooo hot). You can see it here: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/bobby-flay/jicama-slaw-recipe/index.html

    When will you post again? It’s been ALMOST A MONTH!

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